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OneSIM Functionality
Standard two-way Calling
  • low cost, mobile calling from any roaming location.
  • all the mobile phone features are fully supported
  • works with pbxme approved late-model GSM phone (requires an unlocked phone)

    Conference Calling
  • instantly conference up to 16 participants, at low cost
  • neither any call reservations, nor any conference bridges, are required
  • built-in, optional Conference Call recording

    Billing / Help
  • 60 Seconds minimum billing
  • free itemized, online and real-time, calls’ details, including log of Voicemail calls
  • Help Desk short code access

    Integrated Voicemail
  • receive multiple Voicemail messages at once – the OneSIM number never rings "busy"
  • "Announcement Only" option (callers cannot leave messages when activated)
  • online access allows the Customer to listen to his/her Voicemail from any internet-connected PC
  • 90-day online storage / 5 minutes maximum Voicemail message length
  • SMS (text message) notification, and selective retrieval, of new Voicemail messages

    Online Access
  • manage intelligent call-forwarding
  • manage voicemail functions (turn on/off set no. of rings to answer)
  • call cost notifications (turn on/off)
  • access Voicemail (using media player)
  • view real-time Call Detail records
  • initiate low-cost calls (using any phone) using the web call manager

    Intelligent Call Forwarding:
  • calls can be automatically routed to any telephone number, anywhere in the world
  • multiple forwarding telephone numbers can be programmed (mobile, office, home, hotel etc.) - which can be dialed simultaneously, sequentially, or based on specific rules
  • all forwarded numbers, and their access rules, are easy to change from either the mobile phone or from the Web

    Advanced Services using the Web Interface
  • Advanced Services are simple to use and ideal for home use or while traveling. Advanced Services are designed to centralize and manage your communications, including directories and billing. All calls can be multi-party or just two-way calls that the Customer can escalate into n-way calls. A variety of pbxme Connect options are available, including:
  • Website: Standard web application allows universal access to the services. A large display featuring call lists also gives real-time status of calls in progress. Also included is a display showing time and running cost of the call.

  • Outlook: A free TAPI plug-in (download) allows direct dialing from standard Outlook Contact List. Just click on a contact name / number and the call is automatically launched using pbxme.com network.

  • Mobile: By using SMS (text messaging), calls are initiated by direct number entry or by short codes (setup on the web) even to groups containing a list of people to make an instant conference.
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