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OneSIM user manuel
  • Getting Started
  • Receiving Calls
  • Making Calls
  • Quick Access Codes
  • Call History and Itemized Billing
  • Add Credit
  • Voicemail
  • Text Messaging
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • Listening to recorded calls
  • Conference Calls
  • Profiles
  • Changing Profiles
  • Troubleshooting
  • Further Support
  • Click here to view and download OneSIM User Guide (PDF format)

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    Getting Started                      Top

    The enclosed OneSIM SIM card connects you to the pbxme global network. Break out the SIM card from the plastic card and insert this SIM card into your phone. Keep the plastic card with you, because your phone number is on it and you might need it in the future to recover your PIN code.

    Please note that this SIM card is fully compatible with all handset models including iPhone and BlackBerry. For special instructions how to operate your SIM card on iPhone and BlackBerry, Follow the links to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Your phone must be unlocked to use OneSIM SIM card. If your phone is locked, contact your service provider to unlock it. You also need to verify your phone support the network frequency in the country you are traveling to. To see the network frequency in various countries, please visit www.gsmworld.com/roaming/gsminfo/index.shtml. If your phone support 3G or is GSM quad-band, you are covered worldwide.
    Switch your phone on and you should now be on a mobile network. If so, then call your SIM number from another phone as a quick test.

    The OneSIM UK mobile number for your SIM card was sent to you by Email when you purchased your SIM card. Your US number will be assigned to you on the first time you use your SIM card within USA. You can also dial short code *160# on your phone to allocate USA number while outside of USA, or to reallocate new USA number if you didn't’t use it for over 60 days. When dialing *133# both numbers displayed on your screen, and you are getting them via free SMS as well.

    Receiving Calls                      Top

    The OneSIM UK mobile number for your SIM card is printed on the card. Additionally, you will get an additional USA number, which is automatically allocated to you when you turn on your phone under USA profile, while in USA. Calls can be received on either the USA or UK numbers at any time in any country; however there will be an additional cost of $0.30 per minute for receiving calls on the USA number. It does not matter which Profile is active to receive calls. Please see more details on Profiles paragraph later.
    Making Calls                      Top

    Dial the number as normal, but in full international format like +4412345647890#. Then press Send. Don’t forget to put the # after the number. In some handsets, like Samsung, the “+” is not working. You will need to dial “*” instead of “+”.
    1. You will see a message saying "Please Wait" or "Call Not Allowed". This is quite normal.
    2. You will then receive an inbound call.
    3. Answer the call - wait for a few seconds and you will be connected to the person you called.

    Be patient as sometimes the connection, depend on the network, can take up to 45 seconds.

    Quick Access Codes                      Top

    102 Call divert on (To divert your calls dial: 102 number Send/Call)
    103 Call divert off
    121 Voicemail retrieval
    122 Voicemail ON
    123 Voicemail OFF
    125 Voicemail status
    133 Returns your mobile number
    154 Customer service (Paid call from the country you are to USA)
    187 Account balance
    188 Switch off SMS balance notification
    189 Switch on SMS balance notification
    It is recommended that you use the example format below for dialing short codes as some handsets use short codes for speed dialing.

    Examples: *121# *133# *154#

    The short codes are the same whichever profile is active.
    Call History and Itemized Billing                      Top

    Once registered to service, we will email you a link to your account including Username / Password.

    Once you are in, you will be able to see your balance. If you want to see additional information on your billing, calls made, change your profile or any other activity on your account.

    Add Credit                      Top

    Log-on to your account on our website at www.pbxme.com and click "Add Credit", or go to www.pbxme.com/Addcredit.asp and follow the instructions. Your credit is added within minutes after your payment.
    Voicemail                      Top

    When you received your OneSIM SIM card voicemail is enabled on your account. If you want to turn it off you need to dial *123#. An inbound caller will be directed to voicemail if you don't answer within 30 seconds or if your phone is switched off. You will be sent a text message (SMS) indicating the presence of each voicemail.

    To retrieve voicemail dial *121#. Click 1 for next message, 2 to repeat the message, 3 to delete the message.
    To control voicemail, you have these options, Dial:
    121 Access messages (plays in the order of last received)
    122 Turns voicemail on
    122xx Sets the time interval before voicemail starts. Default is 30 seconds
    12245 = if no answer, voicemail begins after 45 seconds
    123 Turn voicemail off
    125 Check voicemail settings
    Text Messaging                      Top

    Your OneSIM SIM card fully supports standard text messaging (SMS) for incoming and outgoing messages. To send a text message, write your message as normal and make sure you are sending it in the same format like you are making a call, for example +61-41-123-4567#. The message will be sent from whatever profile you have currently active. See more on Profiles later. Texts are received when sent to either your UK or US number, depending on which profile is active. So if you are on USA profile and someone is sending you SMS to your UK number, you will not get it. If you are on Global Roaming profile and someone is sending you SMS to your USA number, you will not get it.
    Caller ID                      Top

    The outgoing Caller ID sent to the called party will be determined by whichever profile is active.

    Call forwarding                      Top

    You can redirect calls from your existing mobile to your OneSIM number so you never miss a call while you are away. You can also redirect your OneSIM number to any other numbers. Refer to our website for our rates.
    Call Recording                      Top

    To record any of your calls press #*1. To turn the recording feature off, press #*2.
    Listening to recorded calls                      Top

    Log on to your account as described above and click on “Manage”. Once in, click on Billing and select the required time frame. Look at your calls, locate the calls that was made and you will see a cassette icon. Click on it and your media player will open and recording will start.

    Conference Calls                      Top

    You can use your OneSIM SIM card to turn any call into a conference call. Once you have the first person on the line, simply dial #*3. You will then hear a voice prompt asking you to enter a new number. Within a couple of seconds that person will be added to your conference call. Repeat this sequence to add additional parties to the conference call.

    Profiles                      Top

    The OneSIM SIM card has three Profiles or Roaming Services. You must turn your phone off and back on after changing a profile.

    1: Global
    2: USA
    3: Prime

    The "Global" profile should be active when in all countries except the United States and Italy. This is the default Profile.

    The "USA" profile should be active only while in the United States. Switch to your USA profile only when arriving to USA. Your phone should work either on AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile networks. Some areas do not get good signal from AT&T and you might not be able to dial out. In these areas, switch your phone manually to T-Mobile. Find the "select network" menu on your handset, change it to manually and select T-Mobile.

    The "Prime" profile should be active only while in Italy. You must be on TIM network.
    The default Profile is Global. Global and Prime will present the same UK outgoing Caller ID.
    Changing Profiles                      Top

    When you turn on your phone you should see a menu with the three different profiles. Select the desire profile by clicking on it. In other version of the SIM card, the menu does not pop up when starting the phone, so to swap between Profiles, you need to find "SIM Services" or "SIM Menu" in the handset menu. Then click the "Roaming Services" entry, select the required Profile and save. The selected profile is marked with "*". In some models, the phone freeze after changing the profile. Take the battery and the SIM card out for 1-2 minutes, put them back in, restart the phone and repeat the process. Remember, you must restart your phone after changing profiles.
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